Translucent polycarbonate (PC) plates are made in the same formats as the corrugated sheets and Insulating panels. Used with metal elements they are the ideal solution for completing roofs, creating essential light sources for the building. Polycarbonate makes it possible to create fixed skylights capable of solving lighting problems, guaranteeing UV protection and light transparency. Shock-resistant and resistant to hail and temperature fluctuations. Rated Class 1 self-extinguishing, they guarantee good heat insulation and are easy to lay.

Isoluce 5G

Extruded alveolar polycarbonate plates with five corrugations to guarantee strong roofing. ISOLUCE 5G overlaps roofing panels laterally. Available in neutral and opal versions. The fact that the plates can overlap at the front makes it possible to use them on pitches over 10 metres long.

We recommend heat-sealing the ends to maintain the transparency of the plates over time.

Isoluce Liscio

An extruded alveolar polycarbonate plate. ISOLUCE LISCIO allows correct thermal expansion of the PC plate using suitable sheet metalwork designed for this type of product.

We recommend as a support, 8/10mm thick galvanised, pre-painted steel sheet metalwork, and with taping at the ends to ensure the plates remain transparent over time.

Policom 5G

Co-extruded polycarbonate plates. POLICOM 5G plates are transparent with UV protection, cancelling out the negative effect of atmospheric agents; ideal for creating mid-pitch skylights and to locate them either uphill or downhill of the roof pitch.

N.B. The linear thermal expansion of polycarbonate is 6.7 x 10-5 mm/mm°C.

Vertical Mounting
Horizontal Mounting