Our Quality policy

At Isomec we are committed to delivering quality and reliability, providing a prompt service backed by production flexibility. Customer satisfaction translates into precise technical requirements and business commitment. Our partnerships with our main suppliers and our mutual commitment to the goals of quality and efficiency involve, on the one hand, constant product monitoring and, on the other, optimising the use of energy and resources. Isomec keeps a check on our quality policy, ensuring it is understood, implemented and supported by all the people who play a part in our activities.

Research and trade associations

Isomec is a founding member of AIPPEG, the Italian association of manufacturers of panels and corrugated elements, which aims to develop and spread awareness of and the use of corrugated sheet metal and sandwich panels. It carries out technical research on the materials used and promotes the forging of links with overseas organisations and associations. It also delves into such issues as the culture of quality, structural strength, seismic events, heat loss and noise abatement and fire safety and it puts forward new regulatory proposals.

Isomec has been a member of UNICMI (Italian national union of construction industries for metal coverings and doors and windows) since 2015. UNICMI’s 13 divisions represent some 22,000 Italian firms operating in the market of building coverings and metal constructions