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Isofood is a range of self-supporting metal panels with polyurethane insulation and male/female joints designed for structures in contact with food, such as positive temperature cold rooms, storage rooms and food processing rooms.

When mounting, the paintwork must be correctly orientated, with the side marked “INTERNAL” facing inward..

Attention: When the panels are to be used in the food industry, the following basic rules must be followed:
  • The contact with food must be irregular rather than continuous. It is not possible to leave liquid or solid food in constant contact with a pre-painted surface and then use it for human consumption.
  • If the pre-painted surface is used for occasional contact with food, the project designer must make sure that the material to be used is guaranteed not to release components of the paint.
  • The project designer may ask for a guarantee that the paint does not contain any toxic pigments, a guarantee that Isomec, in partnership with our suppliers, will issue on request.