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Isomec offers wide range of products used for roofs in traditional tile and antique finish, partitions, cladding, facade work for the construction of residential buildings.


The wide range of products ISOMEC allows the construction of commercial buildings with high aesthetic value fulfilling all requirements of the fire behavior. Cinemas, restaurants, fast food, shopping malls are a few examples.


ISOMEC develops products also guaranteed up to 30 years by industrial buildings such as halls, curtain walls, prefabricated structures providing solutions with high thermal and acoustic insulation.


The products Isomec for applications of agricultural and livestock buildings provide high thermal insulation, hygiene, safety, high resistance to mildew, acids and mechanical actions.

Commitment of Isomec:

The Group is an industrial entity Isomec extremely dynamic development of solutions and services in the field of sandwich panels. The goal is to provide the customer the latest technology, providing the most suitable solutions. Customer satisfaction translates into technical requirements and specific trade obligations.

Passion, efficiency and flexibility. Are some of the values that surround us every day.

A company of people and ideals, which in time grew demonstrating that entrepreneurship is a gift for some, but which can apply to many

(External consultant), Gianluca D'IncĂ